Waiting on the ideal day...

I am not a fan of Summer.  As a matter of fact, I hate hot weather.  Many moons ago I lived in Phoenix Arizona, sun bathers on Christmas Day...that is just wrong.  Phoenix is a very interesting place, and I still have friends who live there, but central Arizona instilled in me a bitter distain for temps that are better for cooking than living.

And so, after a few years of enduring the constant barage of sun, I moved back home.  Tennessee does have seasons other than Summer...but Summer is still on the books, and I dread seeing it coming.  A heat index of 110 with 70% plus humidity...you get the picture.....misery.

However hot and miserable Summer is, I know that Fall is on the way.  The leaves will turn to vibrant colors, the air will become cool, and the trout will turn that magic switch and my fly fishing world will be made right.

The festival of color will begin and a party will insue!

The South Holston is the place to be in the fall.  Sulphurs and Blue Winged Olives are abundant and the Brown Trout are unreal.

So now...all I have to do is put up with just a few more weeks of this heat and then its Trout time....and football time....here in Tennessee.